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Gaelscoil na mBeann is an Irish-medium primary school which was established in 2010 by a group of local people and parents who wanted Irish-medium education for their children. Our founders had a clear vision for the education they wanted and the whole school has worked tirelessly to make their vision a reality. In 2012, Gaelscoil na mBeann gained recognition and funding from the Department of Education. Situated in the heart of Kilkeel, beside our feeder pre-school, Naíscoil na mBeann, we will provide your child with an excellent education, and a second language, the indigenous

language of the Mourne community.







We endeavour to help each child realise their full potential, within a positive and caring learning environment, with a local identity as part of a global community, Gaelscoil na mBeann aims:


•to ensure that Gaelscoil na mBeann is a happy and fulfilling place

wherein all pupils can flourish;


•to create positive relationships between pupils, staff, parents and

all members of the school community;


•to instil in pupils a respect for the dignity and rights of others

regardless of race, gender or religious beliefs;


•to provide a high standard of Irish-medium education to every

child and to ensure that they achieve their full potential;


•to develop our children’s individual and collective potential

emotionally, morally and socially;


•to provide opportunities for extra-curricular activities such

as sport, drama, music competitions and trips.








Irish-medium education has become the preferred choice of an increasing number of parents throughout the country in recent years. Our school, like all the other Irish-medium schools, follows the immersionn method of education which allows children to acquire the language naturally through their daily experience. Irish is the primary language of teaching and communication; however biliteracy in Irish and English is encouraged and valued and therefore significant emphasis is placed on the formal teaching of English.  The purpose of our school is for your child to experience the Irish language and culture in a ‘real way’ that they will become confident fluent speakers, readers and writers of both Irish and English.








Bilingualism develops the brain differently, stimulating more mental flexibility, creativity and originality of thought. Bilingual children will have the capacity to look at any problem, big or small, from many different perspectives. Words can have multiple meanings; problems can have multiple solutions; situations can be seen from multiple viewpoints. When children think in two languages, they can easily imagine more than one way to accomplish their objectives and more than one way to approach a complex dilemma.




Those who speak, read and write in two languages:


•easily learn other languages;

•achieve better academic results;

•possess enhanced problem-solving skills, listening skills and

•cognitive development;

•express greater creativity;

•are open-minded to other cultures and embrace differences in people;

•have access to two cultures and actively seek multicultural friendships;

•enjoy access to a wider cultural experience and greater tolerance.

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